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Papers of General Douglas MacArthur

The collected papers of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur contain a great deal of original records and correspondence.  They are held at the MacArthur Memorial and Museum in Norfolk, Virginia but have been microfilmed.  The USMA Library has a copy of the microfilmed records and USMA faculty, staff and cadets can consult them here.  They are organized into five "Record Groups" [i.e., large sub-collections of records orginating from a particular period, organization, or particular scope of a person's activities], numbered RG 1-5.

The scope of the MacArthur Papers go far beyond simply correspondence and letters to and from MacArthur himself and his own orders, etc.  They also include a great deal of primary source material on the conduct of the war in the Southwest Pacific Area Command general.

The originals of the MacArthur Papers are held in the Library & Archives of MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, VA.  They have been microfilmed, however, and USMA Library holds a copy of the microfilmed papers.  They are extensive, and RG 3 alone totals 171 microfilm reels while RG 4 totals 36 reels.  Fortunately a very detailed inventory and finding aid is available in the microfilm area of the USMA Library.  General descriptions of each of the record groups overall are available from the MacArthur Memorial website.  Cadets are encouraged to explore both the general descriptions and the detailed inventory; in most cases some general familiarity with the historiography (i.e. sense of the standard secondary sources) on MacArthur's role in the liberation of Luzon will be helpful in understanding the relevance of the impressive array of primary source evidence available in this collection.

The MacArthur Papers on microfilm are located in the Jefferson Hall 2nd Floor microfilm area, numbered 5:1:1.  A catalog description of the overall collection is found here

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