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JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments)


JoVE's mission is to improve scientific research and education by increasing productivity, reproducibility, and efficiency of knowledge transfer for scientists, educators, and students worldwide through visual learning solutions.

SYLLABUS MAPPING: Videos mapped to your courses and other teaching aids

Faculty-supporting webinars with a Curriculum Specialists, JoVE’s staff Ph.D.’s, who can help incorporate JoVE videos into any syllabus or lab training program.and create shareable playlists.

Syllabus mapping and customized playlists for teaching, research and training.

Teaching with Microsoft Teams

Want to create your own playlist? Here's how:



JoVE Core

Video textbooks for introductory courses that can serve as effective primary or supplementary teaching resources. Key concepts are brought to life through high-impact animations and scientist-in-action videos of experiments conducted in laboratory settings.

Publish with JoVE

Publishing is simple. You submit your manuscript. If accepted by editorial and peer review, your article will be published. JoVE will then film a video of your technique if you are located within our Videographer Network. We have videographers located across 5 continents. Check here to see if we can film in your location. If you're outside the Videographer Network, you can produce and submit your own video.

For all details:

JoVE is indexed in MEDLINE/PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, SciFinder and other scientific indexing services.

JoVE Webinars

JoVE Webinars are scheduled on Thursdays at 9:30 AM EST

Register here:

Whether you are looking to integrate JoVE videos into your courses and online lab classes, looking for experiments to add to your repertoire, or thinking of publishing your own video article; this webinar is for you. 

SPEAKER:Maaike Pols PhD, Scientific Advisor,

JoVE Science Education

  • Dedicated to teaching scientific and clinical fundamentals through easy to understand video demonstrations.
  • Text translations and subtitles in 10+ languages
  • Capture key conceptual and methodological details that are difficult to visualize using text alone.

JoVE Encyclopedia of Experiments

Video encyclopedia of advanced research experiments combines animations visualizing theory and videos demonstrating techniques in real university laboratories.

Sample Video Journal Article Published by USMA colleagues, F.John Burpo, Anchor R. Losch, et al

Burpo, Losch. “A Salt-Templated Synthesis Method for Porous Platinum-Based Macrobeams and Macrotubes.” Journal of Visualized Experiments 159 (2020): n. pag. Web.


JoVE Quizzes

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