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United States Military Academy Library

How Do I?

Use Spaces and Technology

Learn about our Spaces and Technology:

Collaborative Rooms & Places to Study

Learn how to check out rooms, how the rooms are equipped, which floor is the quiet floor, and more

Reserve a Room (Staff & Faculty)

Policy and procedure to request a room in the library

Print, Copy, Scan

Where and how to print, copy, or scan in the library

Wireless Internet

How to get online in Jefferson Hall

Troubleshooting Issues

Learn how to clear your cache and troubleshoot if you are having issues accessing library resources, databases, ebooks, etc.

Digital Sign Request

Policy and Procedure on how to get items shown on the library’s digital signs

Useful Links

USMA Policies & SOPs
Documentation of Academic Work
USMA IT Service Desk
Why is the flag at half staff?

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