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United States Military Academy Library

How Do I?

Digital Signage

The library has digital signs throughout the USMA Library as a way to share information about library events, services, resources, and space.

Digital Signage Format

Use these formats below to create the sign you want to request to be displayed in the library. You can also use standard flyer formats.

If using a format other than Powerpoint, use the following size guidelines:


  • Horizontal/Landscape: 1400x900 px
  • Vertical/Portrait: 800x1200 px


Digital Signage FAQ

What can be posted?

  • Signs in support of events hosted in the library (such as conferences, lectures, exhibits)
  • Signs in support of organizations that reside in the library
  • Other signs that support an announcement, event, or activity that is non-commercial, open to the public, and/or directly related to an academic department or cadet organization

Who is the audience?

  • Current Cadets, faculty, and staff
  • All visitors to the library

How long can signs be displayed for?

  • 10 days prior to event
  • Signs promoting a longer event, such as an exhibit, may be displayed for the duration of the event
  • If a sign is promoting an on-going series of events, such as a series of classes, the details should be refreshed to maintain currency, specificity, and relevance

What should I submit? 

  • Create your sign. We need to post pictures, so we prefer you save your file as an image or send us the original so we can save in a format that will work. Standard flyer sizes work, or you can use the formats provided on this page.
    • Horizontal Format (for display in elevators, by Front Desk, and Help Desk) 
    • Vertical Format (For display on signs outside elevators on the 1st – 5th floors) 
    • Haig Room (for display at the entry to the Haig Room)  - horizontal
  • Include the dates you would like the sign displayed and your contact information.

Who do I submit it to?

Digital Signage Policy

The library reserves the right to review, approve, and deny the content submitted. More detail on this program can be found in LPOM 2-5: Digital Signage 

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