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How Do I?

Learn which streaming video platforms the USMA Library licenses and their permitted uses.

Streaming Video Platforms provided by the USMA Library


Feature Films for Education


Swank Digital Campus -- Feature Films - Streaming Video - duPont ...



Requesting Streaming

If you cannot find the title you need for your class, please fill out the purchase request form or contact your liaison librarian.

Other Streaming Option

Kanopy provided by the Department of Defense MWR Library

Another option to access more movies through Kanopy is to set up an account through Military OneSource. Military OneSource is available to USMA cadets, faculty, and staff. This resource is provided by the DoD MWR Library, not the USMA Library.

  • Go to the MWR Digital Library. You may be asked to log in to Military OneSource. If you have never used Military OneSource before, you will need to register before you can gain access to the site.
  • Follow instructions to set up an account
    • Cadets and Military faculty - choose "Service Member" as your role for your profile.
    • DA Civilians - choose "DoD Service Provider" as your role for your profile. 
    • This process can be slow at times and require multiple attempts. The USMA Library does not manage this process.
  • Search for Kanopy
  • Your account will have credits each month. As of January 2021, there are 20 credits per account. When you log in, there will be a number at the top right of the screen with an orange box around it. As soon as you press play on a video, one credit is used, and that number will update. 


NETFLIX - Educational Screenings of Documentaries

Some Netflix Original educational documentaries are available for one-time educational screenings.

To find out which titles are available for educational screenings, visit and search for the title, search "documentaries" (for the full list) in the search box or browse their recent and upcoming releases by month. Once confirming the film you want to show is on this list, login with your personal login at

Titles that are available for educational screening will display the following grant of permission on their details page:


Netflix is proud to present original documentaries that speak to our users in a meaningful way. We know that many of you are as excited about these films as we are; and because of their informational aspects, you’d like to show them in an educational setting -- e.g., in the classroom, at the next meeting of your community group, with your book club, etc. Consequently, we will permit one-time educational screenings, "one-time screening" means that you can't hold screenings several times in one day or one week - but if, for example, you're an educator who wants to show the film once a semester over multiple semesters, that's okay.

Educational screenings are permitted for any of the documentaries noted with this information, on the following terms:

  • The documentary may only be accessed via the Netflix service, by a Netflix account holder. We don’t sell DVDs, nor can we provide other ways for you to exhibit the film.

  • The screening must be non-profit and non-commercial. That means you can’t charge admission, fundraise, solicit donations, or accept advertising or commercial sponsorships in connection with the screening.

  • The documentary shall not be screened at any political campaign events and/or electoral campaigning events.

  • Please don’t use Netflix’s logos in any promotion for the screening, or do anything else that indicates that the screening is “official” or endorsed by Netflix.

We trust our users to respect these guidelines, which are intended to help you share and discuss our documentary content in your community.

To the extent your institution requires you to demonstrate that you have a license for your screening, please show them this page."

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