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Welcome to the general Chemistry research page! Here you will find links to Chemistry databases where you can find journal articles on Chemistry topics; a brief guide to browsing books on various topics on our shelves; a list of, and links to standard Chemistry reference works,  Search Scout using keywords, authors, journal titles, etc. on your topic for results within our library and more;



What You Will Find Here (Thank you for your patience as we review and update.)

This page presents general resources for research on Chemistry topics. Use the information on this page to get started with your research, or follow the links below to more specific resources for your Chemistry courses.

Chemistry Books in the USMA Library

Click here to find the physical location of a book in the USMA Library. The USMA Library uses the Library of Congress classification system. Chemistry books are located within the call numbers below:

QD 1 – 65 General
QD 71 -142 Analytical
QD 146 - 197 Inorganic
QD 241 - 441 Organic
QD 415 - 436 -- Biochemistry
QD 450 - 801 Physical & Theoretical
QD 625 - 655 -- Radiation Chemistry
QD 701 - 731 -- Photochemistry
QD 901 - 999 Crystallography

Good Reads in Chemistry

Chemistry Societies

Chemistry Societies

Student memberships may offer discounted benefits, including subscriptions.


Chemistry REFERENCE Sources

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