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Cadet Letters Home: Physics

Virtual Exhibit of material from the Library's Archives and Special Collections pertaining to the cadet experience in the field of Physics.


The Special Collections holds rare books, diaries, letters, maps, photographs, and other unique items.

The Archives consist of the Academy records since 1802, with staff records (demerits, grades, regulations).

Here are a selection of cadet letters and diary entries describing their experiences studying Physics. All content is from the Archives and Special Collections, USMA Library.

Cadet Letters Home: The academic experience, featuring Physics

  1. Regulations for USMA, 1825
  2. Hand drawn map of West Point by CDT William Chapman, USMA 1831, (1830)
  3. Letter of CDT George Cullum, USMA 1833, (September 9,1831)
  4. Letter of CDT Ulysses H. Grant, USMA 1843, (July 18,  1840)
  5. Diary of  CDT Charles H. Barth, USMA 1879, (October 3, 1879)
  6. Cadets performing experiments, Department of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, 1903
  7. Five Year Diary of CDT Richard Stanley Von Schriltz, USMA 1941, (c.1937 - 1941)
  8. Diary entry of CDT Richard Stanley Von Schriltz, USMA 1941, (October 20, 1938)
  9. Diary entry of CDT Richard Stanley Von Schriltz, USMA 1941, (October 22, 1938)
  10. W.H. Stockbridge photograph of science equipment, Department of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, [n.d.]

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