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Foreign Languages & Literature

This is a guide to resources useful for the study of Foreign Languages and Literature

Welcome to the general Russian page! Below you'll find links to Russian databases where you can find journal articles on Russian topics and a brief guide to browsing books on various Russian topics on our shelves. You are also able to search Scout or the Library Catalog; all our books, ebooks, and journals can be found that way.

Russian Databases at the USMA Library

Below you will find quick links to some of the most commonly accessed resources, you can always access the entire list of Foreign Language Databases here!

If you are looking for Films in Russian, check out

To read recent news articles or magazines in Russian, check out

If you are doing research in Russian, check out

Russian Web Resources

These resources are outside of USMA, but they still contain valuable information. They can be helpful when researching or practicing in Russian.

Research Resources:

Practice Resources:

  • Ракета is podcast aimed at beginner-level learners.
  • Real Life in Russia (Michigan State University) offers a series of lessons to prepare you for everyday situations that you will encounter soon after arriving in Russia. 
  • Sublearning Quiz yourself by translating subtitles from your favorite movies.

Practice Reading Comprehension:

  • Lingua Texts written by language instructors at various difficulty levels and various topics.
  • Poetry Reader for Russian Learners (Yale University) a collection of classic Russian poetry with audio and sets of grammar and comprehension exercises based on each poem.
  • Reading in Russian Texts with audio on various topics and at various reading levels.
  • Russian For Free Texts with audio in Beginning, Intermediate, or Advanced level.
  • Russian Reader use readings found in Russian school curriculum to test your comprehension skills.

West Point Center for Oral History: Russian Resources:

Please note that the resources listed in this section are hosted by groups separate from the USMA Library. The USMA Library can NOT guarantee access or resolve connection issues to these resources.

Russian Books in the USMA Library

Browse the shelves, head up to the east side of the 4th floor and find the call numbers that start with "PG." Here's a general listing of subject areas:

  • PG1-9665            Slavic, Baltic, Albanian
  • PG1-7925            Slavic
  • PG1-499              Slavic philology and languages (General)
  • PG500-585          Slavic literature (General)
  • PG601-716          Church Slavic
  • PG(771)-(799)      Bulgarian Church Slavic
  • PG801-1146        Bulgarian
  • PG1151-1199      Macedonian
  • PG1201-1749      Serbo-Croatian
  • PG1801-1962      Slovenian
  • PG2001-2826      Russian language
  • PG2830-2847      Belarusian
  • PG2900-(3698)    Russian literature
  • PG2900-3190      History and criticism
  • PG2900-2998      General
  • PG3001-3026      Special periods
  • PG3041-3065      Poetry
  • PG3071-3089      Drama
  • PG3091-3099      Prose
  • PG(3100)-(3155)  Folk literature Including texts
  • PG3199-3299      Collections
  • PG3199-3205      General
  • PG(3211)-3219    Translations
  • PG3223-3229.2    Special periods
  • PG3230-3238      Poetry
  • PG3240-3255      Drama
  • PG3260-3299      Prose
  • PG3300-3493.96  Individual authors and works
  • PG3500-3505      Provincial, local, etc.
  • PG3515-3550      Outside the Russian Federation
  • PG(3651)-(3698)  Special subjects
  • PG3801-3987      Ukrainian
  • PG3990              Carpatho-Rusyn
  • PG4001-5146      Czech
  • PG5201-5546      Slovak
  • PG5631-5689      Sorbian (Wendic)
  • PG6001-7446      Polish
  • PG7900-7925      Lechitic dialects
  • PG8001-9146      Baltic
  • PG8201-8208      Old Prussian
  • PG8501-8772      Lithuanian
  • PG8801-9146      Latvian
  • PG9501-9665      Albanian
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