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Behavioral Science and Leadership: Diversity and Inclusion Studies Minor

Diversity and Inclusion Studies Minor Overview

Diversity  and  Inclusion  Studies  is  an  interdisciplinary minor administered by the Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership that consists of  humanities  and  social  science  courses.  Ameri-ca  is  a  multicultural  polity  and  demands  knowledgeable  and  pragmatic  thinkers  who  under-stand   the   range   of   human   experiences.   The Diversity   and   Inclusion   Studies   Minor   (DISM) exposes cadets to varied perspectives &methodologies  for  understanding  and  studying the  humanities.  By  carefully  drawing  from  exist-ing  courses  in  multiple  departments,  the  DISM complements and enhances the core curriculum, academic majors, and several West Point Centers and committees. The DISM helps fulfill the Superintendent’s  and  Dean’s  vision  for  diversity and inclusion  at  West  Point.  Moreover,  the  DISM  at West Point offers cadets a framework for critically and  creatively  thinking  about  the  broader  im-pact  of  diversity  and  inclusion  at  the  individual, organizational,  societal,  and/or  global  levels.  It also provides our cadets opportunities to pursue diversity  and  inclusion  in  intra-,  multi-and  inter-disciplinary ways. 

Must Take 2 of 3 Must Take 1 of 3

PL377 Social Inequality

EN352 Power and Difference SS392 The Politics of Race, Gender, and Sexuality HI391 World Religions HI461 Sex and Civilizations HI463 Race, Ethnicity, Nation


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