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Behavioral Science and Leadership: HI391


Welcome to the Research Guide for HI391. This course analyses the emergence, development and present cultural expression of the major religions of the world, emphasizing their 19th and 20th century experience. It also examines the development of religion in the ancient world and in pre-literate and non-technical societies. Cadets study the world's religions as molded by and as molders of the social, political and economic forces unique to particular cultures. Special attention is paid to the role of each religion in the formulation and adaptation of public and foreign policy.

Required Readings

Course texts:

(1)  Nigosian, S.A.  World Religions: A Historical Approach. Fourth Edition.  Boston: Bedford, 2008. 

(2)  Lane, James.  Meta-Religion: Religion and Power in World History. Oakland: The University of California Press, 2014. 

(3)  Ahmed, Leila.  A Quiet Revolution: The Veil’s Resurgence, from the Middle East to America.  New Haven: Yale University Press, 2012. 

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