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Behavioral Science and Leadership: PL150

PL150 Advanced Psychology

Welcome to the research guide for PL 150. You can begin your study of Advanced General Psychology by using this page as a guide to psychology topics and research.  

"Psychology as a discipline is both a natural and social science that involves the study of the brain, mind, and behavior.
PL 150 Advanced General Psychology for Leaders is a course that involves an advanced multidisciplinary study of the human
dimension, behavioral sciences, and leadership development. The course examines the cognitive, physical, and social
components of the human dimension using the scientific method to promote reflection, development, ethical reasoning,
and critical and creative thinking. The learning outcome is that each cadet will be a more ethical and effective leader
because of a scientific understanding of human behavior.

(USMA Redbook)


When searching for background information on a typical topic for this course such as a leadership concept or behavioral model use keywords related to leadership, psychology, and behavior to find books, ebooks, newspaper articles, as well as journal articles to increase your understanding of psychology in Scout or the Library Catalog

Databases for In Depth Research

Once you've acquired background information on your topic it's time to turn to subject-specific databases in order to find detailed scholarly articles that provide a more in-depth and focused analysis of your research paper topic. Below are links to databases that include articles which examine psychology and the behavioral sciences. 

Additionally, you can get a better understanding of how to be successful in the process of doing topic research by clicking here.

Psychology Databases

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