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Recommend OverDrive titles to the USMA Library

  • We encourage West Point users to recommend new titles. We will give serious consideration to any recommendations, but cannot guarantee we will add them.
  • This service is not intended to support academic requirements. Please request material to support academic requirements through your liasion librarian or our resource request form.
  • Recommendations are format-specific, so make sure you recommend the format (ebook or audiobook) you're interested in. You can't recommend magazines through the Recommend to library feature.
  1. Run a search.
  2. On the results page, select Recommend to library under the "Availability" filter. Titles in the OverDrive catalog that the Library doesn't own are added to your results.
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  3. To tell which titles aren't part of the digital collection, look for a Not owned banner and Recommend link. Click or tap Recommend to recommend a title. Sign in if prompted.
  4. Enter and confirm your email address if prompted. Then, select Recommend.
  5. If the Library buys the title, you'll be added to its wait list and receive an email when your hold is available.
  6. To see the titles you've recommended, select , then Recommendations
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