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United States Military Academy Library

USMA Library Archives and Special Collections

Reading Room Rules

  • Researchers must be 14 years or older to use archival or special materials.
  • All researchers entering the research room will be individually registered in our Aeon tracking system.
  •  All researchers, to include all USMA cadets, faculty, and staff, will present valid photo identification at the beginning of each research visit. Any researcher without valid photo identification will be denied use of materials. Standards for valid photo identification are set by the U.S. Army Garrison West Point and are the same as those for gaining access to the post. Foreign nationals must display a valid passport.
  • All personal belongings, including backpacks, bags, containers, umbrellas, coats, notebooks, food, and/or beverages will be stored in a location designated by USMA Library staff outside of the main reading room and away from any assigned reading location.
  • Only the following items may be brought into the main reading room or to any assigned reading location: a laptop or tablet computer, telephone, camera, tripod, pencils, or loose-leaf paper. This authorization does not include cases or containers intended for storage or transport of any of these items, which must be left outside the main reading room.
  • Consumption or use of food, chewing gum, beverages, or tobacco is prohibited except where specifically designated. Food, chewing gum, beverages, or tobacco will not be consumed where archival or special materials are stored or used.
  • Researchers will comply with all specific guidance and instruction given by USMA Library staff regarding the care and handling of items made available for research.
  • USMA Library limits the amount of material that may be simultaneously used. The amount will vary based upon the material and the scope of research. Decisions made by USMA Library staff are final. 
  • Requests for reproduction, including self-copying and photography of any materials will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests will be made in writing and decisions made by USMA Library staff are final.
  • All research materials must remain on the research table at the assigned reading location in plain view of Library staff and in original order. Researchers will report any perceived discrepancies to USMA Library staff.
  • Researchers may not leave their assigned reading location for any purpose or duration without notifying USMA Library staff.
  • Researchers will present all personal items carried to their reading location for inspection prior to exit.
  • Any violation of these rules may be cause to end a research session.
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