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Jefferson Hall Tour Guide: Home




Jefferson Hall reflects the Academy's ongoing commitment to academic excellence. It represents the academic philosophy of uniting student-centered information services in a single campus location. Located in the heart of West Point's Central Area, Jefferson Hall houses the U.S. Military Academy Library, the Center for Enhanced Performance (CEP), the West Point Writing Program, Mounger Writing Center, Faculty Learning, Innovation, Collaboration, and Research (FLICR), including the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), and the Class of 1957 Cafe.


Although modern in design and composition, Jefferson Hall incorporates many of the characteristics of Central Area architecture, such as entry arches, limestone window surrounds, and multi-paned windows. Construction began in 2005, and 10,000 cubic yards of concrete and over 2.5 million pounds of steel and rebar were used to construct the building. Special features include 8,000 amber-colored glass blocks on the north exterior wall of the ground floor and terracotta bricks on interior walls. New Hampshire granite, used on the exterior, is also incorporated in the interior walls of the lobby and sixth floor.


Planning for Jefferson Hall began in 2000 and construction began in 2005.  Jefferson Hall opened in 2008 and is a major part of the cadet experience at West Point.


We hope you enjoy your time in Jefferson Hall, learning about the many resources available to cadets, faculty, and staff, and seeing some interesting highlights along the way. Now, let's get started!


To allow visitors to most comfortably enjoy the experience of touring Jefferson Hall, we recommend that you start your tour on the 6th floor so that you may walk down or take the elevator to each subsequent lower floor. To begin, please take the elevator in the entrance rotunda to the 6th floor and go to the 6th Floor tab of this guide.



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