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United States Military Academy Library

Welcome: Staff

General Support Information

If you are unsure to whom your inquiry should be directed, we recommend: 

Service Email Telephone

General Inquiries Regarding USMA Library

Facility/Event Support Requests (845) 938-8301
Reference/Research Requests from the USMA Community
Your Library Liaison
(845) 938-8325
Library Front Desk (845) 938-2230
Gifts/Donations (845) 938-8301
Reference/Research Requests for Archives & Special Collections (845) 938-7072

Future and Current Employment Opportunities Listed at the Bottom of the Page

Find your department's liaison librarian or your cadet company's personal librarian for plebes.

USMA Library Staff

Name Title Email Telephone
Christopher Barth Associate Dean and Director of Libraries and Archives (845) 938-3833
Tracy Bielenberg Facility Support Technician (845) 938-1135
Jennifer Chess Communications and Marketing Librarian (845) 938-4891
Suzanne Christoff Associate Director for Strategic Initiatives (845) 938-3259
Kirsten Cooper Information Services Technician (845) 938-1188
Dawn Crumpler Archives & Special Collections Research Support Librarian (845) 938-7871
Mark Danley Special Formats Cataloging Librarian (845) 938-8268
Marie Dennett Bibliographic Control Librarian (845) 938-2888
Lauren Dodd Associate Director for Information Services (845) 938-8331
Celeste Evans Archives & Special Collections Research Support Librarian (845) 938-8270
Corey Flatt Information Services Technician (845) 938-9825
Michelle Gill Digital Projects Librarian (845) 938-7349
Sharon Gillespie Information Services Technician (845) 938-8328
Lisa Gomez Exhibition Librarian (845) 938-5504
Christopher Haraughty Systems Librarian (845) 938-4789
Melissa Haraughty Access Services Librarian (845) 938-7735
Sarah Leonard-Hayward Assistant Director for Assessment  
Susan Lintelmann Archives & Special Collections Research Support Librarian (845) 938-7052
Douglas Litts Archives & Special Collections Research Support Librarian (845) 938-1170
Casey Madrick Information Resources Technician (845) 938-1180
Barbara Maroney Information Support Coordinator (845) 938-8301
Alicia Mauldin-Ware Archivist (845) 938-7878
Elaine McConnell Monographic Cataloging Librarian (845) 938-2954
Michelle McMann Information Resources Technician (845) 938-7816
O'Niesha McNeill Systems Technician (845) 938-1185
Kim Miller Information Services Technician  
Laura Mosher Cadet Engagement Librarian (845) 938-8296
Lori Mullooly Events and Programming Librarian (845) 938-8294
John Nash Information Services Technician  
Daniel Pritchard Associate Director for Facilities and Events (845) 938-1184
Denise Ray Information Resources Technician (845) 938-8789
John Reazer Information Literacy Librarian (845) 938-8329
Samuel Richards Associate Director for Finance and Personnel (845) 938-5448
Charlyn Richardson Information Resources Technician (845) 938-3258
Travis Schaben Associate Director for Systems (845) 938-3185
Susie Sizemore Information Services Technician (845) 938-1192
David Stockton Associate Director for Information Resources (845) 938-2843
Latisha Taylor Information Resources Technician (845) 938-4551
Unfilled Positions Title Status  
  Serials and Electronic Resources Librarian Vacant (845) 938-8790
  Information Services Technician Reviewing Applicants (845) 938-6010
  Information Services Technician Vacant (845) 938-3681
  Information Services Technician Vacant (845) 938-2636
  Procurement Technician Reviewing Applicants (845) 938-8333
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