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Athena: USMA Scholarship

Athena: USMA Scholarship Home 

The purpose of Athena is to collect and disseminate scholarly material created at the United States Military Academy. Athena was envisioned as a digital tool to preserve scholarly output and disseminate material in an enduring format suitable for 21st century scholarship. 

Works deposited into Athena for USMA Scholarship benefit from: 

  • Persistent URLs  

  • Achieving higher rankings in search results on Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines. 

  • Gaining worldwide visibility to share and distribute your research by providing scholarly access to institutions that may lack resources for expensive journal subscriptions. 

  • Publicizing materials not published in traditional venues, such as conference presentations, technical reports, and white papers. 

  • Versioning allows you to make changes and updates after depositing your work by opening a new version. 

  • Easy management of submissions

Benefits for USMA Communities:

  • Provides open access to department or center’s research. 

  • Research cited more frequently. 

  • Research materials are professionally managed by the USMA Library staff. 

  • Archived work will be migrated to newer file formats as necessary over time to keep the files readily accessible. 

  • Provide a reference point for scholarly works that can interoperate with other systems and maximize efficiencies between them by sharing information. 

  • Assist research collaboration through facilitating free exchange of scholarly information.

  • Improve the accuracy and completeness of the institution’s record of scholarly works.
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