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United States Military Academy Library

Department of History

What You Will Find Here

This page presents general resources for research on International History topics. Use the information on this page to get started with your research, click on the specific country or region area in the drop-down menu for more specific resources for your International History courses.

International History Books in the USMA Library

Are you curious about the International History books we have here in the USMA Library? You can always use Scout or the Library Catalog; to search for a book on a specific topic, but if you enjoy browsing the shelves, go up to the Southwest and East sides of the 3rd floor and find the call numbers that start with "D" or "F" Here's a general listing of subject areas:

CLASS D - World History and CLASS F1201-3799 - Latin America

Subclass D History (General)
Subclass DA Great Britain
Subclass DAW Central Europe
Subclass DB Austria - Liechtenstein - Hungary - Czechoslovakia
Subclass DC France, Andora, Monaco
Subclass DD Germany
Subclass DE Greco-Roman World
Subclass DF  Greece
Subclass DG Italy - Malta
Subclass DH Low Countries
Subclass DJ Netherlands
Subclass DJK Eastern Europe
Subclass DK Russia, Soviet Union, Former Soviet Republics - Poland
Subclass DL Northern Europe, Scandinavia
Subclass DP Spain - Portugal
Subclass DQ Switzerland
Subclass DR Balkan Peninsula
Subclass DS Asia
Subclass DT Africa
Subclass DU Oceania (South Seas)
Subclass DX  Romanies
Subclass F 1201-3799 Latin America, Spanish America
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