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United States Military Academy Library

About USMA Library


Access to West Point is controlled by the garrison and is not freely available to everyone. Check the West Point Garrison website to learn about ID requirements for visitors



Parking for visitors around the USMA Library and Jefferson Hall is not generally available. Most parking spaces around the Central Area of West Point require a CPA pass that is only available to certain employees. Visitors are therefore not advised to park in any open place they see.


The closest recommended parking is available on Thayer Road, south of the library between Central Area and the Highland Falls gate. Please note that many of these spaces also now require a CPA pass.


Authorized visitors may find it easiest to park at the Visitors Center in Highland Falls or Buffalo Soldier Field and take the free shuttle service that stops right by the east side of the Library. The shuttle runs generally every 30 minutes. More information on the shuttle and the timetable for service is available.

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