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Availability of volunteer opportunities in USMA Library may vary. Possible volunteer opportunities include:

  • Transcription Assistant – Reads and types transcriptions of handwritten letters, documents, and other materials to allow for indexing and keyword access. There is always transcription work available.
  • Cadet Support Assistant – Provides assistance for special activities in support of cadets. This can include providing food/snacks for cadets during exam periods and assisting with coordination of outreach events. May also include volunteering to teach various skills classes to cadets. This need for this work is intermittent and based upon the programming calendar of the Library.
  • Help Desk Assistant – Provides assistance to the Help Desk staff by conducting facility walkthroughs, tidying up study areas, and ensuring cadets have access to any support required. May also include serving as an escort/tour guide for visitors within Jefferson Hall. The need for this kind of assistance varies.
  • Exhibition Assistant – Provides assistance for exhibitions held in Jefferson Hall. May include installation or deinstallation of temporary exhibitions, or creation of exhibitions drawn from USMA Library collections. Some of this work intermittent and based upon the programming calendar of the Library. Other work such as creation of exhibition material is generally available.
  • Processing Assistant – Provides assistance to curatorial staff in rehousing/processing archival or manuscript materials. There is generally always processing work available.
  • Researcher – Provides research services to individuals unable to visit USMA Archives & Special Collections on their own. Registration to provide research services is coordinated through the National Archives and Records Administration which maintains a roster of available researchers nationwide. For more information, see:

To inquire about volunteer opportunities, please send email to


Availability of internship opportunities in the USMA Library may vary. Please see our policy on Internships for more information and application deadlines.

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