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Physics and Nuclear Engineering

A research guide for cadets taking P&NE courses or majoring in Physics and Nuclear Engineering.


Welcome to the general Nuclear Engineering page! To the right, there's a list of (and links to) standard Nuclear Engineering reference books available through the USMA Library. Below you'll find links to Nuclear Engineering databases where you can find journal articles on Nuclear Engineering topics and a brief guide to browsing books on various Nuclear Engineering topics on our shelves. You are also able to search Scout or the Library Catalog; all our books, ebooks, and journals can be found that way.

What You Will Find Here

This page presents general resources for research on Nuclear Engineering topics. Use the information on this page to get started with your research, or follow the links below to more specific resources for your Nuclear Engineering courses.

Nuclear Engineering Databases at the USMA Library

Looking for journal articles on Nuclear Engineering topics? The USMA Library offers a variety of Nuclear Engineering databases that provide access to journal articles to help with your research. Find them here!

Nuclear Engineering Books in the USMA Library

Are you curious about the Nuclear Engineering books we have here in the USMA Library? You can always use Scout or the Library Catalog to search for a book on a specific topic, but if you enjoy browsing the shelves, go up to the west side of the 5th floor and find the call numbers that start with "QC." Here's a general listing of subject areas:

QC1-999    Physics


  • QC1-75                General
  • QC81-114            Weights and measures
  • QC120-168.85    Descriptive and experimental mechanics
  • QC170-197          Atomic physics.
  • QC221-246          Acoustics.  Sound
  • QC251-338.5       Heat
  • QC350-467          Optics.  Light
  • QC474-496.9       Radiation physics (General)
  • QC501-766          Electricity and magnetism
  • QC770-798          Nuclear and particle physics.  Atomic energy.  Radioactivity
  • QC801-809          Geophysics.  Cosmic physics
  • QC811-849          Geomagnetism
  • QC851-999          Meteorology.  Climatology Including the earth's atmosphere


Looking for a good book on Nuclear Physics?

Nuclear Engineering Reference Books

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